Deploying warranty lookup application by QR Code for Labo Huu Nguyen

With the goal of both meeting the needs of customers and digitizing the stages, Labo software has integrated a warranty lookup application using QR Code.

It is both convenient for customer warranty lookup, while keeping customer information confidential and avoiding errors in warranty for customers.

Warranty lookup application by QR Code

Synchronized data:

– Customer data is synchronized for easy lookup.

Convenient for patients to look up warranty:

– The QR code is encoded from the warranty code included with each order, readable from
Mobile app with QR code scanning

– Printed from the software via the function “Print warranty card”.

– The patient is provided with full information when looking up the warranty card.

– Compared to before, when going for warranty, the patient must bring all relevant documents. Very complex and easy to miss. Now, customers only need to carry a compact, convenient card with everything needed to come to the warranty.

– Modernize services to ensure customer convenience and improve customer service quality.

Positive feedback from Labo when using the warranty lookup application with QR Code integrated on Labo software

– Warranty lookup application by QR Code integrated into Labo software with many advantages in terms of business management & amp; customer care.

– The most prominent is bringing Labo’s professional image to doctors/patients..

Sincerely thank Labo Huu Nguyen for using the software, wish Labo Huu Nguyen more and more development in the future.

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Objectives and Missions

  • Mission: We are committed to providing products with the highest quality, reliability and flexibility; Ensuring safety and aesthetics for people is always a top priority. Labo Huu Nguyen strives to become the first choice of customers in the field of cosmetic porcelain teeth production through continuous improvement through the application of the most modern digital technologies today. now.
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