vDentalLab software deployed at LAB THANH TUAN – HANOI

Address: House No. 2, lane 117/30 Thai Ha, Dong Da, Hanoi

We are very pleased to cooperate & accompany Lab Thanh Tuan to help the lab manage more effectively and professionally.
Wish the labo grow stronger & develop sustainably


  1. Coordination: Easily regulate goods in and out reasonably. Monitor the production status of the orders to have a plan to limit the problem of delay.
  2. Production: Strict and uniform production process through barcodes. Support product quality control and technician productivity evaluation.
  3. Finance: Accurate, automatic and completely consistent with the accounting profession of Labo. Minimize the workload of accountants when issuing invoices at the end of the month.
  4. Delivery: The queue of delivery / receipt requests is continuously updated on the monitoring screen of the forwarding manager. Help manage delivery staff more scientifically, there is no shortage of customers, wrong delivery of customers.
  5. Reports: All data and transactions related to customers are stored centrally. Staff can easily look up all information related to customers, quickly answer customer questions.