Successfully deploying vDentalLab software for Labo I-TECH


Address: 195 Hung Vuong, Ward 9, District 5, HCMC

Phone: 028 3938 1838


As one of the newly established Labo, I-Tech always invests in the most modern machinery and equipment for the production of porcelain dental restorations to keep up with the advancement of RHM prosthetic science. Labo’s team of prosthetic technicians are always trained and updated with high expertise to meet the increasing requirements of your Dentist.

In addition, Labo I-Tech also focuses on applying information technology to manage production, business and customer care activities. After researching, I-Tech decided to deploy the Standard version of Labo vDentalLab management software with full features suitable for medium and large-scale Labo.

With experience in implementing Labo vDentalLab management software for many customers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and other provinces, the software has been put into use at Labo I-Tech after only 1 week since signing the contract.

Since then, vDentalLab Software has brought many benefits to Labo I-Tech. Typically as:

  1.  Good management of input data sources: Digitizing all production and business data from the first day of operation of Labo; Features: Dental information, doctors, orders, production logs, invoices, liabilities, receipts / expenses…
  2.  Helps Labo look up information quickly and accurately compared to discrete storage on books and Excel files.
  3.  Make the most of existing human resources: Reduce the workload of employees, organize the operation process from sample receipt, to production and delivery.
  4.  Help managers control the production and business process without having to go directly to Labo.
  5.  Customer care by SMS Brandname. Automatically notify doctors when receiving samples, delivery, …

2019, In addition to Labo I-Tech, we have successfully deployed vDentalLab Labo Management software to many Labo not only in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City but also some other provinces: Labo Detec, Katri, Friends, Pearl, Ozean , Thang Long, Hi-Tech, Toan, Next Lab, Westcoast, Viet Vuong, Khai Nguyen, Huu Nguyen, Kim Cuong, Anh Tuan, Xdent, Nha Viet, Bamboo, 3s Dent, Hai Quan.

2020,  vDentalLab software will have many upgrades, helping to increase the value of use. Hopefully, this software will be effective for Labos in Vietnam who are still applying the traditional management model with books and Excel files.