Monitor production progress and control delays with vDentalLab . software

In order to improve service quality and take better care of customers, Labo needs an efficient office staff to meet the dentist’s expectations. The dispatcher is one of Labo’s key teams, responsible for tracking dental orders throughout the manufacturing process. Ensure detailed information is always updated and quick lookup.

Which laboratory dentists consider sending goods to, in addition to product quality and reasonable prices, dentists also want a better service. Including elements: delivery on time. However, the situation of delay and loss of goods still often occurs in the Labo.

With vDentalLab software, Labo will minimize delay by tracking the production progress and delivery schedule of all orders. All production order information is tracked and updated continuously in real time.

Some limitations in production management of Labo industry

With paper management, finding an order often takes longer because employees have to contact each production department to know the production status of that order. They often fail to detect potentially late orders before the scheduled delivery time to notify the dentist. In some cases, the staff did not know the order was late until the dentist contacted to ask.

Furthermore, upon receiving a request for information from the dentist, the staff cannot immediately respond to the status of the order. They often spend time searching for information on papers, contacting other relevant departments; Usually there will be an answer in more than 30 minutes. This factor greatly affects the service quality of Labo!

vDentalLab software helps Labo overcome the above problems

1. Production progress tracking

Each order is stored production status information: which stage is being worked on, which technician is working.

By tracking production information on vDentalLab software, dispatchers can easily know which order is being fulfilled, which technician is working.

2. Estimated completion time & evaluate the possibility of the order being late

Based on the production progress of the order, along with information displayed right in the “delivery plan” screen such as delivery time, tooth index, quantity of goods being produced , the dispatcher can assess the ability to deliver on time to the dental appointment or not.

3. Control late goods, goods about to be delivered

List of orders sorted by appointment time and grouped displayed by color:

    Red: the item is late
    Blue: goods are about to be delivered (urgent)

It is easier for employees to focus on processing urgent orders, prompting the production department to prioritize processing orders that are nearing delivery time.

    In short, production management using vDentalLab software will help Labo increase coordination efficiency and customer care quality with a centralized and continuously updated data warehouse.