DentalSO and the skills

Monitor production progress and control delays with vDentalLab . software

In order to improve service quality and take better care of customers, Labo needs an efficient office staff to meet the dentist’s expectations. The dispatcher is one of Labo’s key teams, responsible for tracking dental orders throughout the manufacturing process. Ensure detailed information is always updated and quick lookup. Which laboratory dentists consider sending goods … Continued

[Video] Upgrade Labo vDentalLab 2.0 management software

vDentalLab – Dental Labo Management Software -Version 2.0 was released from the experience in successful implementation at many Labo.

A new version released Standard

In early August 2017, labo vDentalLab management software Standard version was officially released with many new features to meet 1 complete management needs for small and medium Labo. vDentalLab Standard is expected to bring opportunities to apply information technology to management activities for Labo who are in the investment stage for development. Standard version with … Continued

[Video] Instructions for production – vDentalLab

Instructions for using vDentalLab software for production:


– It usually takes you an entire session to find a nomination card. Can’t even find it because it’s lost? – You often have a doctor complain about a faulty product, even though it is the doctor’s fault. In this case, almost Lab must admit the error because there is no proof? – These issues … Continued

Automated customer care messages – SMS Brandname

What is SMS Brandname? SMS Brandname is a brand message sent to customers for the purpose of advertising or customer care. The special thing about this brand message (SMS Brandname) is that in the title part will have your brand name instead of boring numbers. What to use SMS Brandname for? Promote your business brand … Continued

Warehouse management and material inventory control Module 

Warehouse is a very important module for any business management system. Especially the management of materials warehouse for the dental Labo industry. With the way of warehouse management by books or Excel files, it is common to control and update data with errors and mistakes. That is not to mention the discrete management, not linking … Continued