– It usually takes you an entire session to find a nomination card. Can’t even find it because it’s lost?

– You often have a doctor complain about a faulty product, even though it is the doctor’s fault. In this case, almost Lab must admit the error because there is no proof?

– These issues have been affecting the reputation & Lab productivity every day.

– In the long run, it affects labor costs, warranty costs, materials, … and Lab .’s profits.

The SOLUTION that we advise the Labs is to use software to save the necessary images for lookup, as a basis for dealing with the doctor.
The images you can store:
  • Doctor’s order sheet.
  • Sample function sent by the doctor.
  • product before giving it to a doctor.
  • Content of messages exchanged between doctors and Lab staff.
  • Any images that the lab wants to save for management.
Image management features are designed to be extremely convenient:
    • You can take pictures & Save immediately to the software with just 2 clicks.
    • The software understands that these images are in a certain order, so the search is extremely easy and fast. You have enough time to deal with a doctor right in 1 phone call without having to make an appointment to find & amp; Information request.

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Email: info@phanmemlabo.com
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