Pricing - Applications for Dental Laboratories and Dental Clinics

Dental Lab Desktop


Suitable for small Labo

  • The fastest way to apply software to manage Labo, solve management difficulties with books or Excel files
  • Increase the working efficiency of coordination, tight financial and debt management
  • Minimize investment costs. Labo does not need to buy a lot of equipment to operate the software
  • Easy to apply; Download & install it and use it right away
  • Used for 3 computers of dispatcher, accountant & leader


Suitable for large-scale Labo

  • Digitize all Labo's data, close information between departments, improve customer service
  • Includes a full range of management modules: delivery, coordination, production, finance, debt ...
  • Fast deployment – it only takes about 2 to 3 days to get used to it and it can be applied right away
  • Save over 40% of office department workload


A complete solution for large Labs with complex management processes

  • Improve operational processes, suitable for Labo who want to build a comprehensive management system by software
  • Warehouse management, material usage norms
  • Product Management for International Markets
  • Website reporting production and business activities
  • Website to look up information for dentistry
  • On-site survey, consulting solutions and processes suitable to the characteristics of each Labo
  • Tailor the software to the needs of each Labo

Customer – Delivery

Basic Standard
List of customers (dentistry, hospital ...)
Directory of doctors
Make a request to receive
Assign staff to receive
Monitor reception (received, waiting to receive, waiting for assignment...)
Delivery order (assignment of delivery staff)


Basic Standard
Production Orders
Order classification: new goods, repaired goods, reworked goods ...
Print appointment slip
Design appointment form as required
Track received goods (goods in production)
Warning of late goods, goods are about to be delivered
Order completion confirmation
Print delivery note


Basic Standard
KCS sample test
KCS inspects finished products
Assign each stage of production (KTV to perform, start / finish time)
Follow up production at each stage (goods in progress, completed, waiting for production)
Work productivity of technicians


Basic Standard
Manage price list for each customer
Browse orders: edit quantity, price, discount…
Sales Management
Issue & print invoices (debt notice)
Debt management
Debt collection

General advantages of versions

12 months free support

At the lab or by phone, chat, email. Instructions for new employees to use

Permissions and security

Employees with an account log in, access authorized functions

Automatic data backup

Automatic backup function every day. Labo's production data is absolutely safe