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Sales – Debts

   From the Home screen -> select Sales – Debts

1: Search by month

2: Table of sales of all customers in each month, each customer is a line

3: Display the total number of “Customers, First term debt, Sales number, reduction, discount, Other expenses, Remaining, Total debt, Payment, Last debt period,…” in the month

Browse & Export invoice

  Step 1:

    From the Home screen -> select Sales – Debts

  Step 2:

1: Choose a customer

2: Select Details

  Step 3:

1: Unit price is taken from customer price list

2: Adjust the discount by % or by VND, if any

3: Adjust discount and other expenses, if any

4: Notes

5: Select Save

Print & Submit invoice

    How to do it: Select In in the Step 3 interface

  Payment notice interface:

Can print directly to the printer or save as PDF file to send to customers

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