Features - Applications for Dental Laboratories and Dental Clinics

Dental Lab Desktop

Advantages of the software

Digitize all data of Labo; Solve difficulties when using Excel files or books;

Close communication between departments; Increase the working efficiency of coordination, tight financial and debt management; Improve customer service

Save over 40% of parts workload

The main modules of the software

Coordination Manager

Easily regulate goods in and out reasonably. Monitor the production status of orders to have a plan to limit delays. Looking for more information...

Production process

The production process is tight and uniform through barcodes. Support product quality control and technician capacity assessment. Looking for more information...

Finance - Debts

Accurate, automatic and completely consistent with the accounting profession of Labo. Minimize the workload of accountants when issuing invoices at the end of the month.Looking for more information...

Delivery management

The queue of delivery/receipt requests is continuously updated on the tracking screen of the forwarder manager. Help manage delivery staff more scientifically, there is no shortage of customers, wrong delivery of customers. Looking for more information...

Customer care

All data and transactions related to customers are stored centrally. Staff can easily look up all information related to customers, quickly answer customer questions. Looking for more information...

Synthesis report

The software has all the necessary reports to serve the needs of monitoring and managing Labo's activities. Evaluate employee productivity, growth indicators; make it easy for leaders and employees to set new goals. Looking for more information...

Accompanying the development of Labo

Automated SMS messaging service


SMS is a modern and effective customer care tool. Help improve prestige, professionalism in customer service and create competitive advantages compared to other Labo.

Search website for leaders

Manage Labo's activities anytime, anywhere. Web platform, compatible with mobile devices; The data is statistics in real time. This is an extremely useful tool for managers and market staff when they are not often at the office.

Management of outsourcing foreign goods

Meet the foreign goods management process with its own regulations; meet UPS freight forwarding, currency, reporting forms and production process management