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Dental Lab Desktop

What is Dental Lab Desktop?

Business management solutions are built specifically for the Dental Lab industry.

Full range of modules to meet Labo's production and business management needs, including: Customer Management, Delivery, Coordination, KCS, Production stages, Finance...

What does Dental Lab Desktop do for your Labo?

Production management

Create a fairer working environment when employee productivity is calculated automatically

Track the production progress of each order. Control the quality of output products at each stage and the entire production process

Improve operational efficiency

Information is connected between the parts of the complete process from sample receipt to delivery.

Faulty goods control; Determine the cause of the error due to which stage, which technician caused it, the cause of the error

Better customer care

Centralized data warehouse from all departments: production information, finance, warranty... Makes it easy to look up and immediately answer customer questions.

The software helps to minimize late and lost orders; Avoid mistakes in the financial and debt stages.

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